5 Crucial Features of Sales Driven Website

Now that you’re reading this article you’re probably not satisfied with how your website converts. Maybe you were in a rush trying to launch your business asap or ended up with a website that rather looks like Mona Lisa – an acknowledged masterpiece, a deceivingly hypnotizing mix of both beauty and simplicity but not a powerful sales tool. 

To help you out with your struggle we’ve collected 5 ultimate features of a sales driven website that will turn your current one into a customer generating machine! Read next.

Feature 1: Don’t Scare Them Away

Don’t fall into the trap of being too creative. Dozens of transformations distract users from the content and make them feel puzzled. Ultimately, they close up your website and would never come back again.

Another important thing is the color. The color palette of a sales driven website should not be too garish, however even if you promote yoga classes and your website mostly consists of pastel colors, the visitor must be able to read the text without straining their eyes. To avoid that, make sure you create enough contrast between a copy and a background. Simple, yet effective.

Feature 2: Don’t Make Them Think

One of the features of sales driven website is simplicity. Bruce Lee once said: “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done”. Well, this statement not only can be considered as a motivational motto, but it’s also great advice on how to create the right UX. Google studies show that while the number of elements on a webpage goes from 400 to 6,000, the conversion rate goes down to 95%.

Taking that into account, get rid of the elements that distract your visitors from a required action. Do not overload your website with a bunch of informational blocks. Let the visitors understand from the first few seconds what it is that you offer and why it is beneficial to them.

Next, make sure your sales driven website delivers slick and streamlined user experiences. For example, ideally, the process of making a purchase should take no more than three clicks.

Do not make people think. The more considerable your customers are, the less likely they would buy from you.

Feature 3: Write a killer copy

Even though we all live in an era of visualization, skipping out on website copy can significantly hurt your sales. The thing is, a sales driven website should solve user’s problems and a compelling copy is another powerful way, besides pictures, to show that your company strives to help the visitor with his struggles.

So how should you write to sell more? The character of the text depends on where it’s placed. If the text is on the main page, it should be clear and concise. If it’s a blog section of the website, the articles should be written in an educational tone, focusing on the main features of a product. If it is a product description, then the text should disclose the purpose of the product and its main characteristics.


Feature 4: Stick to the picture-perfect approach

Remember that your website visitors are the so-called visuals. Plus, it’s also important to understand that a great sales driven website in terms of SEO is a mix of both unique texts and visuals. That’s why don’t be afraid to spend some extra coin on high-quality pictures. Your customers will appreciate it, Google search engines will appreciate it, you will appreciate it as your website will drive more conversions.

It’s not that cost-consuming. Even if you take stock photos and slightly redo them in Photo Editor or add an eye-catching logo, it is also will be considered as unique content for your sales driven website.


Feature 5: Work on your page speed

Your website speed is one of the most crucial conversion factors. Recent Google research shows that if page load time increases from 1 to 5 seconds, the bounce rate probability reaches 90%. 

Moreover, low page speed equals low SEO rankings so keep that in mind while being in the midst of the sales website creation.

So what can you do to make your website run faster? First of all, choose a hosting provider that uses reliable hardware. As for hosting plans, pick the one with the highest frontend speed. Secondly, enable the cache. This simple technology provides instant access to website content without sending a request to the server, hence, makes your page load much faster. Last but not least, optimize your website pictures. If someone wants to buy a pair of shoes, he won’t wait for ages until its picture appears on the screen. Don’t you agree?


Now you’re equipped with a bunch of useful tips on how to build up not just a lavish and well-polished online cover but a powerful sales machine for your business. Let’s go through the key points one more time to memorize it better. Keep in mind that:

  •       sales driven website must not scare away your visitors
  •       the more people think the less they buy
  •       texts are important. Don’t miss out on the copy.
  •       high website page speed is crucial for conversions
  •       unique pictures drive both your sales and your Google rankings   

Stick to these 5 principles while working on a website. After all, there’s no point in creating one if it doesn’t sell.

Have any questions? Drop a line to Basil, our business development guru. He’s waiting for a message from you, don’t hesitate!