Busting 12 Marketing Myths

Due to a large amount of misinformation around us, we all like to question things, even if they are right in front of our faces: bare and apparent. As people encounter tons of data on a daily basis, it is clear that some of us would like to check everything twice. It can be anything, from understanding whether the highly advertised medicine is worth the money to making sure our digital marketing investment is worth the effort. Let’s talk about the latter and debunk the most common myths from the digital marketing world and discover what it is really all about. 

Myth. Digital Marketing is only for Large Businesses

Truth. While we can agree that technology was not for everyone at the very beginning of the internet era, things have changed. This means that small companies can deploy the same technological tools that business giants use for marketing purposes. All the new and evolving novelties are accessible for everyone, regardless of the company size and budget, and must be employed to grow the business, gain the leads, and increase conversion. 

Myth: Content Marketing lacks importance

Truth. Designing a website will not solve the problem. It will not be flooded with people ready to buy from you unless you nurture them with relevant and timely content. Besides, with the right SEO strategy, the site will get noticed in search engines and attract more people. Content marketing allows you to see almost 5 times higher conversion rates, making it worth the hassle.

Myth: The results are always instant

Truth. The only truth here is that digital marketing delivers great outcomes, but they do not come all at once. Some companies mistakenly reckon that their marketing efforts are not working unless they see immediate results. While there are those who manage to see instant viral marketing results, they are more an exception rather than a standard case. Digital marketing is all about constant efforts that will eventually lead to the desired outcome.

Myth: It is crucial to be present across all social channels

Truth. There is no need to create profiles for your products and services on every single platform. It does take quite a lot of time and, on the other hand, might not pay off. The idea is to have a profile on those platforms where your customers are. As a rule, every social media channel is known for attracting a specific demographic, so it is crucial to create a precise customer profile you are planning to aim at. If your potential clients are in the range of 50-65 years old, Instagram is a no-go for you, while for the younger generation it is still one of the main sources of information. Concentrate on the platforms that matter for you TA and don’t spread your energy too thin. 

Myth: SEO is not as powerful as PPC

Truth. PPC is more about short-term results. This marketing model of paying for consumers’ clicks to increase traffic can have an immediate effect, but it won’t provide you with consistency vital for staying ahead. While SEO takes more time than PPC, it’s more about the long-time investment to attract more clients and increase conversion. Besides, quite a vast majority of people simply ignore paid ads and scroll past them, so considering SEO is not only cost-effective but also gives your business so-much-awaited viability. 

Myth: Website Content is all about Keywords

Truth. Keywords are essential, but the content you present on the website calls for so many other things to be effective. While keywords make it discoverable, you need to know when to stop. If you overstuff an article or a useful guide with too many keywords, it will get your site flagged by Google and might lead to penalties. On another note, if you emphasize keywords only, you might end up publishing an article which neither makes sense nor brings value for the site visitors. Insert a moderate amount of keywords, paying more attention to what you present rather than anticipating potential traffic, and ignoring the contents.

Myth: The more people you target, the better.

Truth. When you start an advertisement campaign on one of the social media channels, do you expect it to be inviting to everyone who comes across it and bring you more consumers? You do, don’t you? But, the truth is that when you want to attract literally everybody, you will end up not resonating with a single person. The message that targets everyone will have no sense, be watered down, and cannot be related to anyone. Besides, if you are not sure about who your target audience is, it is better to leave the idea of an advertisement rather than shoot for the stars. You need to clearly understand what is your customer profile, what is their problem, how will you solve it, and what message will resonate and make them stop and explore. A precise focus is always better than a blurred and uncertain one. You will eventually target fewer people, but the conversion rate will be surprisingly several times higher.

Myth: Email marketing is so outdated

Truth. You have probably heard it from those who’ve never clicked on most of the emails in their inbox. While it is true that emails are known for not so high CTRs as Facebook or Instagram ads, email marketing keeps the leading positions when it comes to receiving decent ROI. Companies on average get a $40 return on each $1 spent which is massive. People might be clicking less on emails, but there are far better results in terms of conversion through email marketing.

Myth: The more you spend, the higher the traffic

Truth. If you blindly spend your budget on all types of marketing activities, without proper research and lack of planning, it will not result in more traffic. It will only cost you a fortune but will hardly justify the spending. You need to invest money in those channels that bring you the desired results. It will take you quite some time and a little bit of extra effort before you identify where your clients are coming from to plan a relevant strategy that brings great results. It is not about spending a fortune, but about making a worthwhile investment that eventually pays off. 

Myth: Online presence is not mandatory unless your competitors are there

Truth. Expanding your online presence is your chance to bring more customers on board regardless of what your competitors do. While it is becoming almost impossible to be “the only place in town” with great clothes, tasty burgers, or outstanding plumbing services, you should go the extra mile and accelerate what you have with the help of a good marketing strategy. A word of mouth is good, but you can cover a bigger area when you establish your online presence, getting the opportunity to expand and grow. 

Myth: There is less conversion through mobiles

Truth. While it is true that mobile consumers convert less than those who browse from the desktop, you cannot ignore the importance of the whole “mobile-first” culture that is currently booming. People might blame the screen size or inconvenient interface, but if you make an outstanding first impression when they first see your mobile version, they will come back and complete the purchase through their laptops. Besides, with the emergence of mobile banking, it has become so much easier to complete a purchase with one click, without the need to insert a card number and wait for the transaction to go through. The future is still after mobiles and on-the-go lifestyle, so optimizing and adjusting your web pages to be mobile-friendly is not an option but a necessity.

Myth: There is no humanity in Automation

Truth. There are people who think that automation takes away all the humanity from marketing communication, making it sound impersonal. However, automation in reality eliminates human errors, making it even more effective. With the help of AI and machine learning, automation has become even more sophisticated with more personalized and customer-oriented messages. It keeps all the strategies in order, eliminating any discrepancies and mistakes. It removes the hassle, taking away time-consuming tasks but keeping up the amazing work of satisfying needy customers, predicting their behavior, and resolving issues faster.

Prove them wrong and become a Mythbuster

If you are not willing to take our word for granted, the best way for you to prove yourself that all the mentioned myths are not true is to test it all firsthand. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and see whether they work for you or not. In the end, it is always better to try and succeed rather than be scared and stay where you are. 

If you need a guide through the process or require some additional assistance, please drop us a line and we will help you with that. We are always happy to tailor a marketing campaign to your business needs and make your company stay ahead in the competition.