How to be on top of your Social Media marketing and create an exceptional Instagram Profile

If you haven’t yet upgraded your Instagram account to make it eye-catchy and user-friendly, please do. Do it now if you are ready to rock with your creative ideas. Or do it after this article if you are still looking for some inspiration and hacks to take your Instagram business account to a completely new level.

We are already halfway through a tough and completely bizarre year of 2020 and while many businesses are still facing difficulties, they are constantly given new opportunities to stay in touch with their clients and keep on the flow. Many offline brands were forced to turn to social media as platforms have been constantly releasing a huge amount of great perks to help them keep up the good work.

Instagram, for example, has delivered a handful of amazing updates in order to help small and medium businesses stay on top of their brands and attract more potential customers. Support Small Business stickers, Instagram shops, and Ads on IGTV are just a few of them. They are even testing shopping tags which might be soon added to the caption of Instagram posts. 

All the above mentioned has again proven the current importance to develop social media pages, making sure that your brand has open communication lines and ways to stay relevant with your customers. And while Covid-19 will soon vanish into thin air, social media platforms will only strengthen their positions. 

Ways to Upgrade your Business Profile on Instagram

It is good if users see your post, but it is not enough. The most important part is the engagement. The more people click on your page, the more they interact and engage, the better for your brand. It will increase awareness and attract more potential customers.

In order to increase conversions and views, your Instagram business profile and the content you post should reflect its identity and values. People need to see what makes it so special and feel motivated to know more. 

Make Your Content Shoppable

The further we move with technologies, the fewer actions we want to do to achieve the result. If we find a product that suits our needs, we should be able to purchase it straight away without the need to jump from one page to another. Instagram has an option for shoppable posts which reduces the time and customer’s efforts when purchasing a product. When people tap promotion tags, they are immediately shown the name of the product, its price and can be taken to the product’s page right away. 

Share the Passion

It is important to present your brand in a clear and straightforward way. People should see what you have, what is your mission, and main values. If you are fighting for nature, using eco materials, it should be seen everywhere, from the page branding to its description and product packaging. According to the survey, more than 60% of people will be likely to purchase from a brand that shares their values and ideals. 

Use social proof

In order to win the trust of potential customers, brands need to design their marketing strategy around social proof. It is a so-called psychological phenomenon which means that people feel more comfortable buying a product or service when they see others trying it first.

Share user-generated content in order to build credibility and show potential clients how people enjoy what they have already purchased. Implement branded hashtags to encourage clients to post their first impressions on your products and share them on your business page. 

Show an Unboxing Video

Featuring unboxing videos helps to build confidence and show your clients what they should expect when ordering with you. Such content takes away all the uncertainty and allows people to feel more relieved, especially when they are planning their first purchase with you.

Share the facts

Educate your clients by showing them statistics and evidence that the product or service that you offer is the best choice to make. People need reasons to choose you over other, more recognized brands. Use a well-known model of “stating the problem – telling why it is happening – offering a solution”. When people know what value your brand brings, they are more likely to give it a try. 

Make them stay

When you are advertising on Instagram, it is both beneficial and tricky. The thing is that you have a moment before people scroll down past your ad, so you’d better be good. It is vital to grab people’s attention from the first few seconds either with catchy music, a bright image, or a provocative question. Make sure you put the name of the brand at the very beginning as well as it will be the first thing people see and remember. 

Show What Happens Behind the Scenes

It is always exciting to see how the company operates “behind the scenes”. It might be interviews with your employees, production details, or a small overview of the way you pack your products. Show your Instagram customers another side of the brand. You can also conduct a quick Q&A with the founders as it shows how simple and approachable they are and adds some friendliness to the brand’s face.

Appealing to people’s emotions and evoking positive associations makes a difference. When offline stores were the only option, people sometimes chose the brand just because the shop assistant was kind and friendly. Make sure to consider it as although the Instagram business page does not have an always smiling assistant, you have all the chances to win people over by being true to what your brand stands for. Don’t be afraid to be real, make customer’s lives easier, and show them how your products and services help people in solving their problems. Attract by being yourself and showing the difference: why you and not others.

You already know why your brand is the best and worth every single minute of customer’s attention – make sure Instagram does too. Please, feel free to contact us for any further assistance or if you have any related questions.