Lessons to Learn: 5 Examples of Outstanding SMM Campaigns for Small Businesses

Owning a small business is challenging. You have to be at the right time, at the right place, controlling everything from A to Z. 

Moreover, at this point, you’re not ready to spend thousands on advertising and that’s when social media marketing comes to the scene. By the way, recent Statista studies show that 64% of small businesses actively use social media. 

That said, let’s take a closer look at 5 examples of successful social media campaigns that helped small businesses grow a loyal fanbase and turned them into well-recognized brands.

1. Great social media campaigns by Burger Revolution

Who they are:

An Ontario-based diner that currently counts 9k Facebook followers which is a great result for a relatively small burger restaurant.  

What they did:

Social media campaign by Burger Revolution is a perfect example of a keep-it-simple approach.

Firstly, Facebook visitors can see how many revoburgers are available for the day, which is a very smart move in terms of urgency and demand. 

Secondly, the diner’s owners have spiced things up by posting the “comment of the day”, a funny quote by a regular visitor. This simple trick has established a true tradition among the diner’s fans and still keeps fueling the followers’ engagement.

2. Creative social media campaigns by Qwertee

Who they are:

Qwertee is famous for selling T-Shirts online. Its funky designs  along with powerful social media campaign led to:

  • 468K followers on Facebook
  • 80k followers on Instagram
  • 165k followers on Twitter 

What they did:

Just like Burger Revolution Qwertee decided to go for a limited edition strategy and sell particular designs only for 24 hours. Plus, they offered a free T-shirt every single day which is another famous trick for customer engagement. The catch is to like, share or comment on a post, only then you’ll be able to get a limited edition tee for free.  

The winner is officially announced on both Facebook and Twitter to prove that giveaways are fair and real.

3. Powerful social media campaigns by State Bicycle Co.

Who they are:

State Bicycle Co. is a bicycle manufacturer from Arizona which has grown from 4k to 460k Facebook followers in six years. Currently, its bottom line has reached $500k per year.

What they did:

In distant 2013 when the company had just started, State Bicycle Co. encouraged their followers to post snaps with a special hashtag to increase their reach. However, things have changed since then. 

Despite the 80/20 rule where only 20% of your content must sell, the company is actively engaging followers with special offers, discounts and coupons. The key here is great visual content. The company knows exactly what their customers like and posts high-quality snaps of bikes and cycling sportswear perked up with attractive price tags.

4. Innovative social media campaigns by Smart Bear

Who they are:

Smart Bear is a well-known software development company that currently operates in Boston. In a surprisingly short period of time, it managed to get 7k Twitter followers due to the in-depth understanding of their targets and the non-trivial marketing approach.

What they did:

Smart Bear decided to entertain their audience with the help of a game. They called it “Where’s Dain”. The task was to find and click on a character, who was hidden throughout the company’s website. After a visitor completed the task a Twitter form popped up suggesting to win a T-shirt if he tags SmartBear. 

The results of their social media campaign were astonishing. The company has doubled its mentions and increased its website traffic by 120%.

website smart bear

5. Seasonal Social Media Campaign by Bloom & Wild

Who they are:

A small floral store from London has turned into a widely known brand with a major following. Its Facebook and Instagram fanbase currently counts up to 500k of real followers, which is a fascinating result in a highly competitive  floral market.  

What they did:

Bloom & Wild decided to go for seasonal promotion. This marketing tactic turned out to be very reasonable as school proms, weddings and holidays are bound to a particular season. 

Also, to enhance its marketing efforts, the company collaborated with other brands, which eventually led to drastic followers’ growth.

flowers on the table

Don’t underestimate the power of SMM and use it to your advantage just like the enlisted companies did. Here’s what we can learn:

  • People like getting things for free
  • Urgency stimulates demand
  • Go for a gamification approach
  • Special offers work when complemented by strong visuals. 

Social media promotion is a quick and cost-effective way to showcase your products, gather valuable customer insights and come up with effective offerings. 

If you lack hands-on experience and are looking for social media campaign ideas, it’s better to hire a reliable SMM agency to help you out with your very first SMM strategy.

We’ve collected the best SMM practices and will be happy to share them with you. 

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