Rebranding & Website Development for Instafam

Instafam is a task-based web service for growing Instagram followers organically. Currently, Instafam is trusted by 300k users worldwide.

The Challenge

  • Create a catchy and creative brand name 
  • Design a unique and memorable logo and brand identity to reach out Instafam’s targets which mainly consists of millennials and Gen Z
  • Develop a sales-driven, mobile-friendly website with high-quality graphics and seamless user experiences
  • Create a compelling website copy to build brand trust and increase conversions
  • Implement Technical SEO to grow and leverage the website’s Google ranking
  • Create a powerful SMM strategy to create a loyal community of fans and turn them into the brand’s ambassadors.

Phase 1

Re-creating customer’s journey: becoming a part of the Instafam:

Knowing the product’s ins and outs is essential when it comes to rebranding. That’s why we always start with product testing to figure out how it works from the customer’s perspective.

The journey to Instafam turned out to be an exciting experience.  Eventually, we’ve collected valuable data that set the solid foundation for the further phases and helped us infuse the customer’s voice in every step of the rebranding process. 

Phase 2

Website Prototyping: wining Gen Z trust

The phenomenon of Instafam is its relevance among youths. The trick here is to gain customers’ trust as young people nowadays are very educated and conscious of what they’re being offered. Knowing that Instafam wanted their website not only to showcase their product but to eliminate numerous pain points of their targets. These core requirements defined the final concept and helped us design a unique customized prototype.

pain points of the instafam

We started with the value proposition and demonstrated the results in numbers.

why should you choose us in numbers

Next, we gathered customer feedback and included multiple reviews throughout the main page.

customers review

The review blocks were followed by detailed explanations of how the service works so that the user could find all the necessary information while scrolling down the webpage.

how it works

The end goal was to ensure a stable high conversion rate by making the website visitor click the CTA button and log in.

call to action on the website

Phase 4

Website and Logo Design: Developing style concept that amazes

When we started to work on the logo we knew it must be something very simple yet eye-catching. At the very first sight, the user must gain a clear understanding of what he can get if he decides to join Instafam. The idea came to us almost instantly. We ended up with an ensemble of edgy black font and a triangular-shaped crown which perfectly matches the overall brand’s concept.

logo design

Instafam wanted their website to be mobile-first, user-focused and innovative. We created a responsive layout with high-quality graphics and clear, intuitive navigation to ensure smooth running user experiences and reduce bounce rate. As for the color palette, we used bright pink colors and added green, blue and yellow accents. The typography we picked was aimed to complement the design and provide a sense of sociability and friendliness.

main page mobile screen

Phase 4

Establishing Brand’s tone of voice: how to speak to be heard

To establish the right tone of voice for Instafam’s targets, we created a brand avatar. The profile of the person who millennials and Gen Z could identify with is as follows:

Our goal was to create an engaging and persuasive tone of voice which can be used throughout different marketing channels, maintain brand consistency and build long-lasting customer trust.

Agreed with this approach, Instafam asked us to write a SEO-optimized website copy and build an SMM strategy to help them establish a strong social media presence.

Phase 5

Finalization: Bringing it all together

The process was a great pleasure and a great challenge at the same time as we were designing all the brand’s attributes from scratch. 

At the finish line we handed to Instafam. 

  • Branding guidebook 
  • Complete ownership of all brand visuals 
  • Fully responsive, SEO-optimized website
  • Conversion-driven website copy
  • Detailed SMM strategy with expert recommendations.

See the final result :