What we do best


Hiring experts in specialized fields such as PPC, SEO, SMM can sound intimidating and cost you a fortune. Blast has a fully staffed team of experts in each field. We will guide you through the steps of identifying your ideal customer and drafting a marketing plan to target them. We will optimize your website, set up engaging advertisements and create a distinct social media footprint.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media management
  • Paid advertisement
  • Automation growth
  • Influencers

In the 21st century, social media is one of the most efficient ways to reach potential customers, gather feedback from existing clients, and build brand loyalty.
Blast Sourcing is ready to increase or build your social media channels by implementing our proven strategies and original content generated specifically for you.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

  • Google ads text campaign build
  • Google ads media campaign build
  • Ad campaign monitoring

Being one of the most effective digital marketing tools, PPC is intended to channel more traffic to your website. Making that traffic convertible, though, is a very tricky business. Simply put, if you pay per click, you will definitely want only people within your target audience to click on the ads. Our experts in digital advertising are not magicians; they are just skillful professionals who know how to ensure that.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

  • Technical SEO
  • Link building
  • Internal site optimization

Making your website attractive to visitors is important, but it’s only half of the battle. You also need to make it attractive to search engines. That’s exactly where SEO comes to help. By implementing certain changes in your website’s structure, we can significantly increase so-called organic traffic. More visitors will come to your site simply because more of them will see it on the top of a search page.

Email Marketing

  • Email service integration
  • Setting up an automatic trigger and transactional mailings
  • User database creation and structuring
  • Letter design and layout

A professionally-organized email marketing campaign can be a bridge that will connect your business with your existing customers and with prospects who are waiting right now for you to reach them.


  • Google analytics configuration
  • Conversion tracking
  • Retargeting campaign
  • Remarketing audience

Your website’s data is quite valuable information that may significantly help to promote your business. And even though Web analytics may seem a bit complicated at first, you need to start using it. We can help you set up the web-analytics systems and provide you with custom reports on your website’s performance. We improve your marketing campaign significantly by using information from the analytic systems.