5 Proven Steps to Reach Out to Instagram Influencers

Here’s the brutal truth: any type of marketing strategy is extremely hard, especially when it comes to influencer

Moreover, influencer-involved marketing can cost you a pretty penny, as Instagram post rates tend to grow drastically over the last 7 years. In particular, the global spending on Instagram sponsored posts will reach 8 billion in 2020, according to Statista.

So what can you do to get the most out of it? The answer is to plan all of the initial steps ahead. Don’t pass out on the unique opportunity to benefit from the social media giant and grow your brand awareness despite the difficulties.  Keep on reading to learn how.

Track down the best Instagram influencers for your specific project

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Analyzing which content makers will represent your company best is probably a key point, that will get half of the job done. One of the most important things here is to know your target audience even better than you know yourself. 

Discover the way these people live, what their current interests are and how they might change in the nearest years, what they tend to think of when they go to sleep and what their problems are. You can even make a written portrait of a typical person who represents this social group. Everything is important and not a single detail is “too much”.

As soon as you dive into the life of your target audience, analyze the whole range of Instagram influencers with high Instagram rates whose content is both close to the field your company works in, and interesting for your future customers. Not only top-bloggers but also the ones with smaller audiences (10 000 – 100 000 subscribers) are valuable.

Get to know how to contact Instagram influencers

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Now when you’ve finally got a list of content makers who can provide the best result for your project, it’s time to outreach Instagram influencers so that they will write you back as soon as possible. 

Don’t simply go straight to direct messages. At first, visit bloggers’ profiles to discover what kind of communication they prefer. Some influencers prefer emails or messengers to common direct texts on Instagram, so make sure you write them using the app they tend to use for business contacts on a daily basis.

Make a short plan of the letter and mention your main business goals

A plan is a great tool for you to keep in mind what your main goals are and how you’re going to achieve them, especially when it comes to social media  

Make sure that you know both about your projects and the way you want to represent it because a well-done job with an Instagram influencer is always a result of a precisely planned cooperation. 

Write down all the main points that are worth mentioning in the first letter and then put them in a logical order to give your plan an easy yet useful structure. However, keep balance: even though you’ll need to mention all the main aims, try to shorten the information to a plain basis without any extra details.

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Personalize the letters to reach out to every single influencer you’ve chosen

It’s psychologically proven that people tend to react to the communicational messages only when they are connected to them. This is the reason why we hate spam so much: it’s not personal, it’s made for the masses and that is why it never satisfies one’s personal needs. Predictably, you have to be different to get a response from an influencer whose Insta rates attract thousands of advertisers and who is bombarded with messages and is used to skipping it as most of the information isn’t worth their time and effort. 

To make your message outstanding, use a personal approach to every blogger. Figure out why you’ve chosen these particular influencers for your projects and show them that you appreciate their identity. Explain why you’re writing to them in person and imagine your text is not a business proposal but a face-to-face dialogue. What would you say? How would you describe your idea? Keeping a narrative clear and understandable for an influencer is probably that “secret tactic” which will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Reread your message and edit it before pushing that “send” button

After you’ve written a perfect text you believe no influencer is going to ignore, stop for a moment. Read your message once again. You don’t want your reputation to be ruined by poor writing, do you? 

Even if you already feel the job is finished, proofread your text. Correct the punctuational, grammatical and spelling mistakes before sending the message.

With the help of these 5 steps you’ll easily reach out to the best Instagram influencers:

  • Find out what influencers reach your targets
  • Write a well-structured message
  • Choose the right channel
  • Craft a personalized message
  • Proofread

Remember, it’s not only about influential marketing, but it’s also about a whole complex of social media activities and marketing tools that leads to successful brand awareness, so learn more about the other ways of engaging your target audience. 

We choose to help small and mid-sized companies set marketing goals and get on the right track to successful ROI. 

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